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At many schools, compliance with regulatory requirements entails empty, burdensome exercises that add to the heavy load educators already carry — particularly teachers.

It shouldn’t be that way. If this describes your current employee evaluation tool and processes, you should reconsider.

Put simply, an adequate employee evaluation tool should clarify expectations and provide practical directives that facilitate teachers’ daily routine, not hinder it. And, above all, it should enhance both their performance and satisfaction. (If we’re honest, you can’t have one without the other.)

What better way to achieve these outcomes than to have teachers design their own evaluation tool?

It’s what we’ve done here at Standards For Success.

They think like a teacher, speak like a teacher and act like a teacher. The fact that they are educators enables them to build and modify the product for the end-user school personnel.”

Jenny Froehle, High Ability Coordinator/RISE Project Lead Administrator, Zionsville School Corp.

Our tool — built, managed, and continuously enhanced by teachers — is designed to lighten teachers’ loads, enabling:

  • Focus on teaching, not administrative tasks.
  • Customized, personal growth plans, since no two people are the same.
  • Transparency and ease of communication so everyone is on the same page.
  • Ongoing feedback so teachers can get better on the fly, with clear expectations and next steps.

Not only is SFS designed by teachers, but the tool’s evolution hinges on the continuous input of fellow teachers who use our tool everyday:

“It’s not a static instrument. They really do listen to feedback from the field and make adjustments based on feedback from the people who are actually using it.”

Gary Bates, director of instruction, Rensselaer School Corp.

If your organization is seeking a solution that elevates teachers above metrics without sacrificing compliance, we’d be honored to have your consideration. Request a free demo today.

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