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To make better communities, enhance the local workforce, and ensure that children have the best chance at a quality education and successful career endeavors, it is important to ensure that we have the best educators and administrators in our local schools and districts. One of the many ways school superintendents work to make this possible is through regular Teacher Evaluations.

In order to ensure that the best education is available for all students, teachers need to be evaluated on a regular basis and offered feedback on their review, as well as opportunities for professional development as needed.

Artifacts Are an Important Part of Teacher Evaluations

For use in Teacher Evaluations, artifacts are visual elements that display how a lesson was taught to students, document communication, as well as showcase instructional practices. to When completing Teacher Evaluations, it only makes sense that the data used for their teaching performance and employee evaluation records would include everything they do to practice their profession and make an impact on students.

This includes artifacts, which is evidence used to communicate aspects of practice that are not always evident during a classroom observation. An artifact can be used to help teachers spotlight their teaching practices for evaluation purposes. An artifact is considered to be anything that a teacher uses to communicate aspects of practice. Since these artifacts are not always apparent when a teacher is being observed during their classroom teachings, it is important that they be included in summative and formative Teacher Evaluations.

Here are some of the benefits of using artifacts in your school district when considering Teacher Evaluations:

Benefits of Using Artifacts for Teacher Evaluations

  • Artifacts can demonstrate a teacher’s effectiveness that might not necessarily be spotlighted during classroom observation.
  • Using an artifact can help administrators properly assess the progress the teacher is making towards reaching pre-set goals and desired teaching standards.
  • An artifact can be used in Teacher Evaluations to help identify examples of what impact their instruction had on their student’s learning as well as behavior.

State-of-the art software like Standard for Success Teacher Evaluation Software makes the process so much more efficient.

Track Your Artifacts for More Comprehensive Teacher Evaluations

Savvy school administrators and superintendents know how important an artifact can be when evaluating teaching staff, so they turn to Standard for Success Teacher Evaluation Software for help. This state-of-the-art software is the solution for busy administrators who want a simple yet comprehensive solution to make the Teacher Evaluation process more manageable and efficient.

Standard for Success Teacher Evaluation Software allows you to customize your product to accommodate any state-approved rubric, lets you customize your own locally created rubric, and can be used to evaluate any team member – not just teachers.

Benefits of Standard for Success Teacher Evaluation Software

  • Offers a single portal for administrators to record, document, and gather classroom observations for the Teacher Evaluation process.
  • Provides administrators and teachers with a customizable, web-based tool for easy collaboration to meet your school’s needs.
  • Easy access to all of your notes, photos, videos, and other important documentation in real time, giving transparent feedback for administrators and educators.
  • This customizable software is created by educators, for educators who are familiar with the Teacher Evaluation process to make evaluations easier and smarter.

Are You Ready for Easier Teacher Evaluations?

Artifacts should be included as a crucial part of Teacher Evaluations to fairly assess all educators and help students thrive. Regular evaluations help make higher quality teachers, encourage teachers to enhance their effectiveness in the classroom, and ultimately better students. 

Learn more about the Standard for Success Teacher Evaluation software with a FREE Demo for your school.

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