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Employee engagement is a big deal, both for a fruitful work environment and a company’s financial health.

Many managers believe they have employee engagement under control, but dents in morale and performance reveal otherwise. Some signs of disengagement are obvious — complaining, high turnover, unmet objectives and lack of enthusiasm, for instance. Others, not so much.

Below are three overlooked signs of a disengaged employee:

Overly Passive

While eager employees take initiative, disengaged ones hang back and wait to be told what to do next.

No Questions

Disengaged workers often don’t bother asking questions to learn new things, or to clarify goals and expectations. Similarly, they meet new instruction or assignments with indifference.

Lone Wolves

While independence is a desirable trait, disengaged workers are set on working alone and staying alone, shunning collaboration.

What other signs of disengagement have you observed or experienced in your professional career?

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