Welcome to a New School Year!

The hallways of your schools are bustling again, with teachers and students who are getting back to the business of learning. It’s always an exciting time so full of promise and potential for the year ahead.

While it seems like you just finished finalizations of last year’s staff and teacher evaluations, it’s time to plan for the new school year. As you begin your staff performance appraisals and teacher observations for this school year, we hope you’ll discover some updated features in SFS teacher evaluation online portal that make it more robust—­­­and your job easier!

Updated features in SFS online portal

Our development team has taken input from current users to drive upgrades and the integration of updated features in SFS. In addition to advanced functionality for SuperUsers, our favorite enhancements include multi-marks for a single indicator and additional colors for marking observations, making evaluations easier to code and track.

More than a way to document performance

An efficient and coordinated teacher evaluation process is just the beginning of what SFS offers schools and districts. We want to help you move beyond collecting data to comply with state requirements. We want to help you enhance your learning environment and retain your teaching talent with dedicated teacher development.

Our staff of seasoned educators can help you analyze your evaluation data from last year and identify professional development (PD) for the upcoming year. Whether you provide PD online, during in-service day or through professional learning communities (PLC), SFS can help you identify, deliver and track PD right in your dashboard. From our online PD partnerships to our highly trained external evaluators and mentoring services, SFS can help you create a dynamic and engaged environment of continuous learning for teachers and students alike.

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