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As the majority of the people reading this blog are in the education field and know what it is like to teach during the Coronavirus, I still feel it is important that articles like this one are seen for all people to get an insight on what it means to teach during this time.

While this story from NPR deals with the issues of lack of internet and the tools needed for distance learning, how difficult distance learning can be since it is so new to everyone, and the challenges to reach all students, I think the human factor that is discussed is the most important factor.

This article shows who and what teachers are and what is most important to them. Quotes like…

“I didn’t get to properly say goodbye to them”

“Teaching though a computer is not why I became a teacher, I became a teacher to build relationships with my students… and that one-on-one, face to face interaction, I think is what I’m really gonna miss.”

“…..that is the heartbreaking part. You are not a teacher if you can’t be with your kids…..”

“ where my principal was talking about how maybe we just need to really focus on loving our kids…..They might not learn as much as they learned in a classroom, but we still need to make sure that we’re meeting as many emotional needs as we can.”

There are many other examples in the article that show who teachers really are and why they teach. Do they want their children to learn during this crisis? Of course, but most importantly they want their students to be safe, taken care of and to know that their teachers care about them personally and not just as someone in a classroom.

That is the true example of a who and what a teacher really is.

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