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The term “new normal” has become commonplace in the past three months. In fact, it may become a neologism for the year 2020, much as the terms “webinar” or “fashionista” have in years past. But some of us are not so anxious for a complete return to normal once the COVID pandemic is over.

Many are voicing their hope that we will continue to slow down and make time for family game nights and self-care rituals that this time has inspired. Still others are praising the cost-effectiveness of virtual meetings over travel costs and the environmental benefits of fewer employees commuting to a physical workspace.

Will our new normal be our old way of doing things, a new way of doing things, or something in between? No one knows for sure. But in reference to the world of education, we can count on a few things being be a part of our new normal:

1. Strong Leadership

Never before has the skill set of educational leaders been put to the test as it was in the spring of 2020. So many decisions had to be made quickly, with an assurance of meeting both the academic and health needs of our students. Moving forward, these leaders will need to plan for the 2020-21 school year with these same factors in mind.

2. Digital Equality

While we have been aware of the digital divide, the format of the past school year made access of technology essential. While some schools provided hardware and many technology companies provided software and internet services, we have a way to go to bridge this gap. We will need to continue to work to provide at home technology to our students as part of our new normal.

3. Documentation

With adaptations to requirements for student completion, teacher evaluation, and instructional days, documentation is more important than ever. Standard For Success can help with these tasks with our Graduation Pathways and Teacher Evaluation software platforms.

4. Candidate Growth

Just as it is essential to continue to provide a forum for our students to complete academic requirements, we must continue to provide feedback and professional growth to our administrators, teachers, and teacher candidates. PreK-12 schools and higher education institutions can track and target this through Standard For Success Teacher Evaluation Software and SFS Accreditation.

We are embarking upon a new normal for our schools and our society as a whole. What an exciting time to be an educator! Let Standard For Success help your institution of learning be apart of our vision for Better Students, Better Teachers, Better World.

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