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In recent trainings the question asked over and over is, “Do we need to use artifacts as a part of our staff evaluation?” There are both pros and cons to using artifacts as part of evaluations. Read on to understand more.

But first, what is an artifact? An artifact is evidence to inform formative and summative evaluations. An artifact is evidence used to communicate aspects of practice that are not always evident during a classroom observation.

Cons for Using Artifacts:
1. It can become time consuming
2. The educator may tend to over-use artifacts

Pros for Using Artifacts:
1. An educator has self-responsibility for a part of their evaluation
2. An artifact can show effectiveness in areas not seen on classroom visits
3. An artifact can help assess proficiency towards goals and standards
4. An artifact asks teachers to identify and share examples of impact of their instruction on student learning and behavior
Best Practices for Artifact Use:
1. Upload artifacts over the course of the year, not at the end of the year, allowing the administrator adequate time to review
2. Remember that quality matters more than quantity. One artifact may be representative of several indicators

Let’s let teachers lead! Artifacts allow a teacher to showcase their instructional practices. Artifacts should be a part of an evaluation system, helping create better teachers, better students, better world.

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